How important is numerical problems in physics for IIT-JEE?

There is a majority of students who say that Physics is there favourite. In the context of IIT, such predisposition may come handy. But, it is important that you regularly practice numerical problems in physics for IIT-JEE. This is because you may like physics and you might be strong in it, but when the D-day comes, you might be seen looking for formulas and approach to solve seemingly easier problems.

This usually happens because of lack of practice. The greatest of the heroes and experts may fumble if they are not practising it. What is the duration of a 100-meter race in Olympics? – Hardly a few seconds. But do you know how much the athletes practise for it? – Years!! The same applies in IIT-JEE as well. For a serious student planning to make a career in engineering, IITS are not less than Olympic. So, now we have agreed that competition is tough and we need to practise to see things get through.

When we say practice, what do you understand? – practising theory? Offcourse not, we are talking about practising numerical problems in physics for IIT-JEE. This is the area where you can score big. And remember, practising is nothing if there is no consistency. Hence, if you are looking for scoring high in IIT JEE exams on the back of Physics numerical, better start practising numerical solutions now, without any delay. Best of Luck.

Why students ask for IIT Physics paper as first thing when preparing for IIT?

One of the first things that students look for when starting the IIT preparation is previous year’s IIT physics paper. This way they get a feeling that this is how the real thing is like and if they manage to solve this, they can crack the IIT. And, this is the reason why IIT physics questions pdf files are in so much of demand. This is not very weird if you think in that way. Solving previous year’s IIT paper gives students that confidence of solving “real IIT” problems. They may have tougher problems at hand, but if those questions have not been asked in previous year IIT papers then they are not that attractive, or not “up to the mark” in eyes of majority of IIT aspirants.

Searching for IIT physics questions pdf is not a bad idea to roll thing off. This way you get familiarize with questions and patterns and get that much needed self-confidence when you begin to crack those numerical. What is most important thing while taking on IIT Physics numerical is your ability to understand the concept and application of the same. Numerical may change but concept does not, if you get your hold on the concept you can approach similar kind of problems with confidence and ease. Considering this, the high demand for iit physics questions pdf is not uncalled for.

This site offers you some great iit physics paper with solve numerical. There is nothing new up till now. As you may say there are a host of other sites on the net which are offering similar kind of material. The difference begins to come to fore when you start going through these numerical one by one. Then you realize how carefully crafted each of these are, and at the end of say ten numerical gain is not only in numbers but in concept and confidence. Try yourself to believe.

Aspirants obsessed with IIT Physics Solved Papers

Last time as I was heading to home from form my karmbhumi – Delhi, I came across this guy from Kanpur who was studying in IIT Kharagpur. As the normal conversations start, I was informed that he was studying in IIT. As a matter of fact, the guy didn’t waste a single minute in letting me know that he studies in IIT. An why not, such is the reputation of IIT, at least in India, that you can hide any and all of your shortcomings, if any, behind this IIT tag. I was no different. When I was in a mix state of admiration and inferiority, he opened up a little more, probably making out that I have gone little defensive and opened this PDF on his laptop that read IIT Physics Solved Papers.

So, why are you reading this? I asked, based on the common sense that since he has already made it to IIT then why he needed those things. “Well, I do private coaching. I coach a few IIT aspirants who live around my institute.” replied the guy. This is becoming a big business these days. And when I heard that I found something to relate to, because I am also a part-time physics tutor for IIT aspirants. Though, I didn’t waste time to clarify that I am not IIT educated. We hit it quite smoothly, when I overcame my initial inhibition of talking to someone who is supposedly mote intelligent than me.

Finally, when we reached Howrah, I mesaged him a parting gift: IIT Physics Numerical solution download link. It was a carefully chosen set of physics numerical collected from various online and offline sources for my batch of students. He took it with delight. We finally bid adieu to each other with the promise of returning phone calls. That journey still comes across my mind. It was really a nice interaction I had with that guy. And, I realized that all that weighage that this brand IIT carries, it’s well justified.