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How important is numerical problems in physics for IIT-JEE?

Physics is all about numerical, if you are good at numerical, you score very high in Physics thus increasing your chance of making it to IITs. Hence, it is important that you do every bit you can do practice numerical problems in physics for iit-jee. Read the full Article here.

Why students ask for IIT Physics paper as first thing when preparing for IIT?

One of the first things that students look for when starting the IIT preparation is previous year’s iit physics paper. This way they get a feeling that this is how the real thing is like and if they manage to solve this, they can crack the IIT. And, this is the reason why IIT physics questions pdf files are in so much of demand. Read the full Article here.

Aspirants obsessed with IIT Physics Solved Papers

Last time as I was heading to home from form my karmbhumi – Delhi, I came across this guy from Kanpur who was studying in IIT Kharagpur. As the normal conversations start, I was informed that he was studying in IIT. Read the full Article here.